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Victoria Boerger

Victoria Boerger and Northern Kentucky University go way back. She began her studies in 1983 but left when her children were born. She later returned, but left again to be a caretaker, for both of her parents and daughter as each battled cancer. She is now back at NKU while working full time and serving on the Ft. Mitchell City Council, and this time she’s ready to graduate! It’s no surprise – she is a woman who gets involved and gets things done. Over the years, she has been active in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church activities, Venture Crew, BSA scouting commission, athletic association, coaching, school fundraising, City Council subcommittees, and county affiliations to help her community progress.

I am honored and humbled to be recognized with such an outstanding group of women here today and those who have preceded us. I am passionate about my community. It takes passion in a community to keep it together; passion is what keeps it alive. You must listen, teach, and lead in order to give back. Civic service in not an obligation – it is an honor, and we are just one piece of the puzzle. Without that one piece, the true picture is never complete. With all the pieces connecting and working together, we see a picture of beauty for all to enjoy.   

I would like to especially thank: My NKU advisor, Kim Coy for nominating me. My husband of 32 years, Mark, and our three children, Angie, Ellen, and Jake, for their support and encouragement over the years. My mother Sue, for being an excellent role model of strength and perseverance. My niece Michelle, whose courage never ceases to astound me. The city of Ft. Mitchell, whose residents have elected me to City Council for 10 consecutive terms so that I may serve the city I am so passionate about.